Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh | Reveal Trailer

I am all about a good adventure game. Tintin Reporter – Cigars of the Pharaoh (was the Pharaoh really into cigars?) looks like it is shaping up nicely. Can’t wait to play!

Gamestop, Jedi, and a Simple Conversation

Wyatt and I went to Gamestop, on Sunday, to trade in some games. Wyatt was after Star Wars: Jedi Survivor for the PS5. The store was empty of other customers when we walked in. It was just us and a Gamestop employee. I said hi. When I saw her name badge, I knew that weContinue reading “Gamestop, Jedi, and a Simple Conversation”

Red Flags, Video Games, and the Gospel

For years, with a handful of people, I helped run a successful Christian video game group on Facebook. I learned several things through that time (these two things being a primary standout): Be careful who you partner with. Make sure that they have the same vision, work ethic, goals, etc. When games become more importantContinue reading “Red Flags, Video Games, and the Gospel”