Defenders of Liberty Air Show – No Go

Saturday, the Texas Halls boarded the Prius (*beep, beep!*) for a quick trip east. Destination: Shreveport, Louisiana; The Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Air Show, at Barksdale AFB. Last time I had taken Wyatt to the air show, he was 5 years old. I had asked him the other day if he remembered going with justContinue reading “Defenders of Liberty Air Show – No Go”

JBG Video Game Reviews – 2023

I had thought I’d already written this blog post, but I haven’t. I have distinct memories of people liking what I had written, getting real life comments on what I had to say about JBG and reviews… Nope. Moving forward, JohnnyBGamer will not be including a final score in our reviews. I don’t find aContinue reading “JBG Video Game Reviews – 2023”

Blood Sugar and Sin

I am in charge of buying snacks and drinks for the office. I buy the candy, soda, and fruit snacks the office runs on to finish the week strong. But I have a problem, I am a Type 2 Diabetic. Most of the things I buy I really cannot eat or drink. Sure, I buyContinue reading “Blood Sugar and Sin”

From Across the Net – Giving an Effective Gospel Invitation with Integrity

“It is imperative, however, that there is a plan for immediate follow-up. There are few things worse than someone surrendering to Jesus and no one following up with them.” – Shane Pruitt, Giving an Effective Gospel Invitation with Integrity