I’ve Had Trouble Getting Into The Wheel of Time… Until Now

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series is a book series I have never been able to get into. The wheel turns and I will pick of the first book, read a few chapters, and then I manage to read something else. The first book, the first dabbling into Jordan’s world, feels too much likeContinue reading “I’ve Had Trouble Getting Into The Wheel of Time… Until Now”

The Surf Report – Bible Reading, Social Media, and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

A stirring update from yours truly.

Crazy Drivers, Waiting, and Space Gunplay Ballet

How is your week going? You playing/watching/reading anything that is blowing you away? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Tuesday!

From Across the Net – “Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Mysterious Author”

He was the most unlikely of authors, joking once that “I am totally unqualified to be a writer. My childhood was unimpoverished and joyful. Even worse, I loved and admired my parents.”