The Great Hunt: Book 2 of the Wheel of Time – A Quick Review

I finished The Great Hunt: Book 2 of the Wheel of Time this morning.

I liked it.

Robert Jordan, the book’s author, is one of those authors where a bunch of “whatever stuff” plays out over the first four hundred and twenty pages of the book. The last forty pages however, stuff is going down! (I will note that the same thing happened with the first book in the series.)

  • Magic users walking around on leashes held by other magic users (WHAT THE HECK!) – CHECK
  • Friends revealing themselves as darkfriends – CHECK
  • Rand al’Thor battling with the Dark Lord himself – CHECK
  • Rand al’Thor not really defeating said Dark Lord (there are 12 more books) – CHECK
  • Swept up in Robert Jordan’s narrative of the ages and time – CHECK

The Great Hunt improves upon the foundation laid in The Eye of the World in almost every way. Although the reader might know where this particular leg of the journey ends (the book tells you… multiple times), the way the story plays out and its conclusion will keep the reader guessing.

I enjoyed my experience with The Great Hunt. I’m going to take a breather, read some shorter books, before diving into the next book.

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