Adoption: Life in the In-Between

The Hall Family has been living in the in-between, the “we could be adding to our family soon… or not”, for the past 3 years now. To say that my heart is indifferent, or even calloused, is an understatement. I’m tired of the process of:

  • The caseworker sends us an email with a child’s picture and description of what they are like / what the child needs in a family.
  • We are then asked if we want to put in our home study for said child. I’m going to say, that my wife and I usually (there has been a child or two that would not have been a good fit for our family) say yes, sign us up!
  • And then, we wait. Sometimes hearing something to the effect of, “Sorry, you’re family wasn’t a good fit” or… just silence… nothing.

We have been anticipating, wanting, and waiting for a child for a long time now. Often wondering if our desire to have more children, our dream really, somehow needs to be put to rest. Maybe we just need to give up the adoption process. Throw in the towel. Focus on parenting our one.

Tab and I are really good parents. We want our family to grow.

Wyatt wants our family to grow so that Tab and I are not following him to college, to his first home, etc. Or so we tell him. 🙂

For now, we live in the in-between.

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