Adoption Update – We’re Done

For more than three years, Tabitha and I have ridden the roller coaster of emotions that comes with the adoption process. Every child that is ever mentioned to us, by our caseworker, we say yes to; Every child I find on the TARE website that we are interested in, we say yes to as well.Continue reading “Adoption Update – We’re Done”

Adoption: Life in the In-Between

The Hall Family has been living in the in-between, the “we could be adding to our family soon… or not”, for the past 3 years now. To say that my heart is indifferent, or even calloused, is an understatement. I’m tired of the process of: The caseworker sends us an email with a child’s pictureContinue reading “Adoption: Life in the In-Between”

Adoption Update – The Door Hasn’t Closed Yet

A friend asked me recently, “Have you heard anything on adoption front?” I sighed, “No.” Turns out our caseworker visited us a few weeks back. As she inspected our home, she confirmed ages, whether we want a boy or girl, etc. All things she should have already known. After a year and a half ofContinue reading “Adoption Update – The Door Hasn’t Closed Yet”