Adoption Update – We’re Done

For more than three years, Tabitha and I have ridden the roller coaster of emotions that comes with the adoption process. Every child that is ever mentioned to us, by our caseworker, we say yes to; Every child I find on the TARE website that we are interested in, we say yes to as well. Yet despite being more than ready / willing to receive a child into our home, we have heard nothing.

Tabitha and I both felt God call us to adoption. So we were obedient and answered that call through:

  • Pursuing training.
  • Opening our home to case workers.
  • Most importantly, by keeping our hearts open.

But we feel God closing the door on our adoption journey. This is not how I thought this scenario would end. We notified our case worker, yesterday, that we are closing our home to adoption.

I’m not sure what the future holds. I know that we were obedient to what God called us to. We were talking, in Sunday School, about how you need to present your need to God and be okay with His answer. God has not said no, to adoption, but perhaps not yet.

Wyatt told me that the adoption process hasn’t been for naught, we did adopt our dog, Gus, during this time. So, there is that.

Until God says otherwise, the Texas Hall’s will remain a family of three. And perhaps that is all we need to be.

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