Press Start – The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero Impressions

“Ugh, you’re going to play that anime game?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, nothing…”

Wyatt claims he despises anime games. I asked him to clarify his disgust. When pressed, he said he loves something like the Final Fantasy VII Remake and yet can’t handle to watch me play The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. I think that’s kinda fair. Final Fantasy VII Remake features fantastic graphics and a relatively quick moving storyline; Trails from Zero features a mixture of old school graphics and what I’ve read as described as a slow burn in regards to gameplay / story.

I’ve read about the The Legend of Heroes series, especially on Twitter, for quite sometime. Never once did I think of playing it until I read that Trails from Zero was an excellent starting point. So I bought the game to see what all the hype was about.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero opens with protagonist Lloyd Bannings, rookie police detective, as he travels to the city-state of Crossbell. There he is assigned to the Special Support Section (SSS), to do odd jobs in hopes of regaining the citizens of Crossbell City’s trust (who think the government is inept compared to the Bracer’s Guild).

For our first mission, we were tasked with going down into the Geofront and ridding it of monsters.

Somewhere along the way, we heard crying coming from one of the pipes. We investigated and found a boy! The boy said that he was exploring with his friend… who had gone missing. So we went to find the friend. In short, we rescued the boys only to be confronted by a huge monster. As we grew ready to be destroyed by the beast, some dude from the Bracer’s Guild came a slew him. We were saved.

We returned to the surface only to catch an interview between the Bracer’s Guild dude and a reporter. She was going to report on the ineptness of the police department (figures). Just then, our phone rang, we were asked to report back to police headquarters immediately. We were in trouble.

Fast forward to that night, Lloyd was going to have to make a decision on whether to stay with the SSS or quit. The boys, whom Lloyd saved in the Geofront, showed up and thanked Lloyd for the awesome job he had done in saving them.

I don’t know what it was, but I liked the simple act of the boys saying thank you. I’m about an hour or two in, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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