Press Start – The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero Impressions

“Ugh, you’re going to play that anime game?” “Yeah. Why?” “Oh, nothing…” Wyatt claims he despises anime games. I asked him to clarify his disgust. When pressed, he said he loves something like the Final Fantasy VII Remake and yet can’t handle to watch me play The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero. I thinkContinue reading “Press Start – The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero Impressions”

Off Campus – Fallout: Fire Emblem Awakening

I am not happy.

One year, twenty-plus hours later, I have completed Fire Emblem Awakening. I spent hours upon hours fighting for the Halidom of Ylisse. I grew to love the characters just as one would with a good book. Yet, in the final levels of the game, the developers violated the rules they had set up from the beginning.

Surf Report – 8/31/09

Welcome to a Monday edition of the Surf Report. .: God : .: Life : Too busy. You? .: Gaming : This week I thought I would take a break from the great Pok√©mon experiment to instead talk about my recent adventures with Dragon Quest IV (DS). As a gamer, I have had limited exposureContinue reading “Surf Report – 8/31/09”