I’ve Had Trouble Getting Into The Wheel of Time… Until Now

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series is a book series I have never been able to get into. The wheel turns and I will pick of the first book, read a few chapters, and then I manage to read something else. The first book, the first dabbling into Jordan’s world, feels too much like a The Lord of the Rings wannabe. Or at least that is what the Amazon reviews tell me.

What the online reviews have failed to mention is that Jordan is an excellent author. His world contains just enough uncertainty, just enough unfamiliarity, that one can feel the sinister machinations unfold. I find myself questioning different characters and their motives. I also find the magic system intriguing.

I am currently on page 248, 32% into finishing The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World. I am loving what I am reading so far. Robert Jordan’s chapter length is long enough to feel like I have accomplished something, by reading a single chapter (or two), before bed.

The wheel keeps turning… and I keep reading on.

Question: What book series has been hard for you to get into?

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