Why Don’t We Talk About Testosterone?

I’m unsure if I have talked about being on testosterone replacement therapy here before. But every week, I inject myself with testosterone. The results of my injections have been amazing. I feel like myself again.

In October of last year, I went to my first doctors appointment to see if testosterone replacement therapy was right for me. I was suffering from:

  • Mood swings (very irritable)
  • Depression (I did not care at all)
  • And a lack of libido (no interest what so ever)

After finishing presenting my symptoms to my doctor, he immediately said, “You might be a good candidate for testosterone. Let’s run labs and see.”

My blood results came back showing that I did indeed suffer from low testosterone (was at 200, should be at 350 or higher). My mood swings, deep depression, and lack of wanting sex finally had a name. I made an appointment with my doctor’s nurse, where she showed me:

  • How to draw the proper amount of testosterone
  • How to give myself an injection

I’ve been injecting testosterone, according to my doctor’s instructions, ever since that appointment.

Seven months into injections, I can tell you that I’ve seen a difference. I don’t feel as irritable nor as depressed. I feel like wrestling with my son again; I feel like writing again.

I say all of this with the hope that there is someone out there that is feeling the same way that I did. The problem is, as a society, we don’t talk about stuff like this… at all. So begin the conversation, talk to your doctor.

Testosterone injections take time. They are not an end all cure, but they are a start.

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