Gus and the Tornado

Gus, our dog, was in his crate for the night. He was totally happy to be in the house, out of the dark (he hates the darkness), and in a place where he could chew on his bone in peace. Until he started barking and whining like crazy!

I went down the stairs, into the mudroom, and opened his crate. Gus bolted out and started frantically trying to get up the stairs and into the house. Just then, my wife said that the weather man was calling out streets near our house. Not good.

My family and I ended up taking shelter in the hallway. Gus sheltered with us too. What was funny/interesting is that he chilled out and laid down next to Tab after a few moments. He was happy to be with his family, safe, and didn’t mind getting his ear rubbed either.

Big or small, the tornado was wrapped in the darkness of night. I couldn’t have seen it if I wanted to. Which makes me a little sad. I keep waiting for the The Wizard of Oz-style tornado. But then again, we don’t live in Kansas.

So, what I had thought had started as Gus being annoying turned into him warning us of danger. Or of him wanting to seek shelter among humans. Either way, Gus is a good boy who deserves a treat, or two.

And we are fine. No damage to our house… besides a downed trashcan.

This was from when Gus was a puppy. He is pretty small.

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