Gamestop, Jedi, and a Simple Conversation

Wyatt and I went to Gamestop, on Sunday, to trade in some games. Wyatt was after Star Wars: Jedi Survivor for the PS5. The store was empty of other customers when we walked in. It was just us and a Gamestop employee. I said hi. When I saw her name badge, I knew that weContinue reading “Gamestop, Jedi, and a Simple Conversation”

From Across the Net – “I Made Myself Lose My Phone”

Nothing super new, but I liked the way the quote phrases social media relationships as being more of a connection than relationship.

From Across the Net – “Technology and our anxious hearts”

“We bought these devices because of what they promised to do for us, but we can be sure that they’re also doing something to us.”

From Across the Net – “Instagram, Twitter, and the Longing for Approval”

“As Christians, we should recognize this pull. Jesus told us all about it, and embodied something completely different in his own life. “I do not receive glory from people” Jesus said (Jn. 5:41).”