Gamestop, Jedi, and a Simple Conversation

Wyatt and I went to Gamestop, on Sunday, to trade in some games. Wyatt was after Star Wars: Jedi Survivor for the PS5.

The store was empty of other customers when we walked in. It was just us and a Gamestop employee. I said hi. When I saw her name badge, I knew that we would have very little in common. According to twitter, pronouns should have stopped the conversation stone cold. Regardless of her being human, of having a soul, or even our common love of video games. Her, Wyatt, and I had a great discussion on Hogwarts Legacy (she’s a Hufflepuff).

Afterwards, while driving home, Wyatt said, “She was probably one of the nicest employees we’ve encountered in awhile.”

Twitter aside. Chosen pronouns aside. Here was a person who loved video games just like us. Was this an opportunity to witness? No. But a relationship was started.

Video games won’t get you to Heaven. I know that. But I often think we let things like social media keep us from even having conversations with those who think differently. How can we have those Gospel-driven conversations if we aren’t willing to engage at all? Treating people as created in God’s image is one of the first keys. Second key, by sharing the common love of something (in this case, video games) perhaps that could lead to sharing Jesus down the road. Baby steps.

It all starts with a simple conversation.

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