Without Consequence

When I was in college, I served as a senator in student government. It was my job to be a voice, an advocate, for the 30-something guys on my dorm floor. Kick Butt Club!

One of the issues we ran into, early on, was that our student body constitution was a poorly written document. Certain positions, procedures, and even powers weren’t spelled out or even covered. I served to bring awareness of the constitution’s deficiencies. In the end, a committee was formed to fix these issues.

From my time student senate, I learned that you are only as good as your foundation. To have a guiding document that is not clear on what to do or that omits certain things gives way to chaos. Or worse, leadership doing whatever it so pleases without consequence.

While you cannot prepare for every scenario, especially in a written constitution, you can lay the groundwork to allow your people to flourish.

And reign in those who would cause harm.

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