Dodging Bad Bosses

Was reading an article on red flags in a job interview which made me think of my own experience.

I remember one time I interviewed for a position at an insurance company. Before I could be interviewed, however, I had to take a personality test. So, I took the test and soon got a call to be interviewed.

I’ll never forget what the interviewer said. This was the big cheese, the one whose name was on the insurance company outside. The man I would be working for.

After explaining what he was looking to do (creating an internet sales division), he smugly said:

“We don’t normally hire people with your personality type.”

Almost like he was doing me a favor by considering hiring me.

I immediately thought, “Excuse me? You don’t even know me outside of the simple test I took for you.”

Instead, I answered him far more graciously.

The end result was that I was given a salary, for the position, which was too low for me to accept.

I’m thankful to have dodged that particular bullet.

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