God Loves You / I’m Just Getting Started

Forgotten, collecting dust, that’s the state I found my grandparent’s Atari in. I was young, as in kindergarten/first grade young, when I had my first tastes of the digital world. The game was Combat, which was released in 1977, on the Atari 2600. Combat featured a tank game that forced players to go head-to-head. NavigatingContinue reading “God Loves You / I’m Just Getting Started”

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power Review

Wyatt loved it! Did I mention he won?

12 Inches of Deception – A Tale from Risk

It’s your turn. You place one guy, at a time, on a territory of your pick. Eventually, you place another guy on a different territory. And another, and another, and another until all your men have been placed. The dice of power, domination, and rule enter your hands. Which territory to attack first? Passing theContinue reading “12 Inches of Deception – A Tale from Risk”

July 2020 in Review

What I’ve been reading/playing during the month of July 2020.