A Valentine’s Day Update

I am currently listening to the rain’s pitter-patter on the windows. I can hear a train’s horn off in the distance. All is quiet in the office except for the gentle purr of my air purifier. Woke up this morning, my wife made me breakfast. (My co-workers said to me, “Doesn’t your wife make youContinue reading “A Valentine’s Day Update”

Red Flags, Video Games, and the Gospel

For years, with a handful of people, I helped run a successful Christian video game group on Facebook. I learned several things through that time (these two things being a primary standout): Be careful who you partner with. Make sure that they have the same vision, work ethic, goals, etc. When games become more importantContinue reading “Red Flags, Video Games, and the Gospel”

From Across the Net – “China tells churches: Children and teens can’t convert until they’re 18”

The Chinese government continues to tighten its grip against Christianity.

From Across the Net – “Reducing the Stumbling Block before THE Stumbling Block”

“How are we doing when it comes to reducing the obstacles for unbelievers to cross to encounter the cross?”