A Valentine’s Day Update

I am currently listening to the rain’s pitter-patter on the windows. I can hear a train’s horn off in the distance. All is quiet in the office except for the gentle purr of my air purifier. Woke up this morning, my wife made me breakfast. (My co-workers said to me, “Doesn’t your wife make youContinue reading “A Valentine’s Day Update”

The Stanley Parable Demo

Have you had a chance to play The Stanley Parable Demo yet? Do yourself a favor and check this game out. I am amazed at how clever it is and how much the game lampoons core video game mechanics within a small period of time. Also, the demo made me laugh out loud several times.Continue reading “The Stanley Parable Demo”

Surf Report – 2/19/2012

The Surf Report is a weekly column that covers the spiritual, everyday life, and hobby thoughts of Bryan Hall. This week he talks about a new devotional book, Dungeon Defenders, and the Mass Effect 3 demo.