Wii U: The Next Step?


There is nothing more epic than music from the Zelda series being playing by a live orchestra.

Video games and me have a relationship that is much like the ebb and flow of the tides. There are times where I am gung-ho and play video games every evening; other times where my interest wanes and I will occasionally pick up a game. No matter what season I am in with my hobby, I do find one constant, I continue to read video game news.

Yesterday, Nintendo took the stage at E3 and announced:

  • Multiple Zelda titles across all Nintendo platforms
  • A 25th Anniversary Zelda Concert Series (TBA)
  • Assured continued support for the 3DS
  • and…the Wii U?
On the surface, the Wii U controller looks like a mash-up of a Classic Controller and an iPad. I love how clean and futuristic the white casing looks! After watching the Nintendo Press Conference, due to the limited information presented, I found myself swimming in a pool of questions:
  • How many Wii U controllers can be used at the same time?
  • Will the controller be sold separately?
  • Can I take the controller and use it on the go¬†(since the system was not designed to be portable)?
  • What does the physical media look like?
  • Will my Virtual Console purchases transfer over to the Wii U system?
  • Can the Wii U play Gamecube games like the Wii?

Living in the innovative shadow of the Wii, the Wii U certainly looks like the next evolutionary step forward for Nintendo. I look forward to hearing more about the system and finding out if I need to sell one kidney or two to obtain one. My interest is certainly piqued for the moment, the tide is rising.

Welcome Home


Flying around thunderheads over Texas.

Wow, the past few days have been crazy! Took a quick trip out to California for my sister’s wedding. Had a good time hanging out with family and witnessing firsthand the behind the scenes drama a wedding provides. Good times! ūüôā

Spent today resting up. Happened to watch the Microsoft E3 press conference…which was lame. The Kinect, while cool in some respects, regurgitates many of the things the Wii has been doing well for years now. Apparently no one at Microsoft HQ has been playing the system formally known as the Revolution. I suggest they pick one up pronto!

Downloaded my Welcome Home games from Sony this afternoon. Ended up grabbing InFamous and Little Big Planet. InFamous, so far, has been pretty sweet!

E3: Booth Babes


The first E3 that I can remember attending was in 1999, at the Los Angeles Convention Center; 1999, the year of the Dreamcast. I will never forget walking onto that crowded showroom floor, choked full with geeks and sweaty nerds, and getting to check out Sega’s latest entry into the console market. Sonic Adventure blazed across the huge screens that had been set up in Sega’s booth. However, what really caught my eye was the speed of 3D fighter Power Stone. In no time, my friend and I were swinging off lamp posts and dealing cartoon damage to one another. Good times indeed.¬†In the midst of all the excitement of being able to play with games and consoles that would not be on shelves until months later, E3 contained what was once a video game industry norm, the booth babes.

Using sex to sell video games to buyers and those in the video game industry, the practice of using women to arouse and entice was largely a norm. I have distinct memories of lines to get your pictures taken with your favorite scantily clad video game vixen. I also remember my Uncle wanting to hang around where the official Tomb Raider model was. Boys will be boys right?

Scantily clad women no doubt helped sell the latest and greatest video games (until E3 2006, when they were banned), but I wonder at what cost? No, I’m not talking about what the models were paid per hour to be¬†ogled/ groped at. I’m talking about the eternal costs of lust. What we take into our minds will eventually come out in some way‚Ķcausing all sorts of trouble when it does.

“Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” (Song of Solomon 8:4b)