Wii U: The Next Step?

There is nothing more epic than music from the Zelda series being playing by a live orchestra.

Video games and me have a relationship that is much like the ebb and flow of the tides. There are times where I am gung-ho and play video games every evening; other times where my interest wanes and I will occasionally pick up a game. No matter what season I am in with my hobby, I do find one constant, I continue to read video game news.

Yesterday, Nintendo took the stage at E3 and announced:

  • Multiple Zelda titles across all Nintendo platforms
  • A 25th Anniversary Zelda Concert Series (TBA)
  • Assured continued support for the 3DS
  • and…the Wii U?
On the surface, the Wii U controller looks like a mash-up of a Classic Controller and an iPad. I love how clean and futuristic the white casing looks! After watching the Nintendo Press Conference, due to the limited information presented, I found myself swimming in a pool of questions:
  • How many Wii U controllers can be used at the same time?
  • Will the controller be sold separately?
  • Can I take the controller and use it on the go (since the system was not designed to be portable)?
  • What does the physical media look like?
  • Will my Virtual Console purchases transfer over to the Wii U system?
  • Can the Wii U play Gamecube games like the Wii?

Living in the innovative shadow of the Wii, the Wii U certainly looks like the next evolutionary step forward for Nintendo. I look forward to hearing more about the system and finding out if I need to sell one kidney or two to obtain one. My interest is certainly piqued for the moment, the tide is rising.

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