The Lunchtime Gamer – 9/1/2009


Guild Wars

The World of Warcraft servers were down over lunch (until 2PM PST) so I decided to jump into Guild Wars. After spending some time reorienting myself to the game interface, I was off on a quest with a group of henchmen. Ruins of vast old cities, minotaurs, and ice giants were just a few of the sights and creatures that were encountered. Fun stuff. I had forgotten just how beautiful the graphics in this game are. Not only are the graphics beautiful but the scale and vastness of the games world is simply incredible. So why did I leave this game in the first place?

  1. Guild Wars lacked that hook that other MMOs (WoW, LOTRO) have to keep me going.
  2. Confusion over PVE versus PVP characters. I’d prefer to build a character for all seasons.
  3. A level 20 cap that ended in gameplay being focused on finding the perfect skill set. I did not have the time nor interest to do this.

The lunch hour is only so long, and so are my musings. Until next time.



MMO Boot Camp: Social

Welcome to boot soldier/ warrior/ mage! Below you will find a list of basic social terms and abbreviations found in most MMO games. Study them. Familiarize yourself with them. There will be a test following the ten mile hike. DISMISSED!

Basics 1

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* Terms and abbreviations may vary from game to game.

** This is by no means a definitive list of MMO terms and abbreviations. Got something to add? Comment below!