From Across the Net – “Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer”


The Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer looks pretty dang good. I love all the the subtle animations going on, especially how expressive Alyx’s hands are. I haven’t jumped on the VR train yet. I am not sure I ever will. But this trailer makes me interested in Half-Life again… or at least brings back some good memories.

On My Radar – Some Distant Memory – Announcement Trailer


This looks like a perfect bedtime game.

Hundreds of years after the collapse of civilization, you are the Professor, an archaeologist searching for the sunken city of Houston. Helping you are the Commander, an explorer from another colony, and ARORA, an artificial intelligence built to help the survivors of the Collapse.

On My Radar – Savior Announcement Trailer


I love how smooth the movement looks. That dragon shot at the end… priceless!

“Savior is an action-adventure platformer. Dramatically change a vast open world. Parkour effortlessly with pain-free intuitive platforming. Engage a variety of opponents with strategic, precision melee combat. Discover a rich world full of quests, colorful characters and countless secrets.” – Steam