Destiny 2 – Send the Light


Finished up the original Destiny 2 campaign over the weekend. Bungie managed to tell a somewhat decent story. I loved the bookends, the beginning and the end of the game. But I’m still not sure what happened in the middle… Cayde-6 and I are now friends? Tight gunplay mechanics continue to rule the series. No matter what, Bungie knows how to make a shooting game feel good. Real good. In the end, I wish had some friends to play through Destiny 2 with.

Destiny 2 isn’t perfect, but I enjoyed what I played. The game makes me miss the Master Chief of Bungie’s Halo. The Guardians, the Destiny player characters, lack character. The calm and determined physical presence of the Master Chief would certainly be most welcome.

My Guardian.


Off Campus: Seventh Day of Christmas – Destiny


From the opening credits

Destiny is grand

Light fighting against darkness

across near and foreign lands.

Whispers of the Master Chief and Cortana

riddle the game to its core.

Does Bungie have it in them

to provide an actual game instead of a snore?

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