Life Update: Dimensional Shifting


So what’s up with you?

I spent this past Friday night and then most of Saturday helping my in-laws paint their new house. The existing interior pink paint was slowly transformed with different tones of blue and a splash of green for the dining room. The house is coming along (another coat of paint is needed in two of the bedrooms) and should be move in ready by this weekend. I’m excited. Nothing like new adventures.

Speaking of adventures, I keep plugging away on my job hunt. I think I’ve narrowed things down to sales, marketing, or human resources. I am definitely ready for a change out of my office manager role. Ready for a new office environment that is both emotionally healthy and challenging. Now, I just need to crack the code for receiving an application response. Could involve a U-boat in the Atlantic with Bon Jovi, who knows.


I found myself telling my son the other day something I never thought would come out of my mouth, “stop dimensional shifting!” We were playing Guacamelee! on the PS4 and had just obtained the ability to shift dimensions. The boy couldn’t stop pressing the “shift” button. Which equaled me falling, repeatedly. The joys of fatherhood.

If you have a moment, I did get a chance to host the Theology Gaming Podcast last week (which you can check out here). Had a great conversation on the topic of emotional health.

One of my fellow Theology Gaming University members sent me a copy of his book to review. The book is titled 42: Discovering Faith Through Fandom. Short and sweet review: Pick it up if you like a devotional that mixes nerdy topics with Biblical truth. Longer review incoming. Just ignore the book’s cover art in the meantime (my only criticism so far) as it does not represent the amazing content found inside.

Outside of getting to meet the boy’s teacher this week, not much else is going on. What about you?

No Strings Attached


I am tired of the Church and of Christianity as a whole trying to constantly re-market itself in an attempt to appeal to new generations. This modern phenomenon reminds me of the loser kid at school willing to do anything to become popular. In the Church, this plays out with multimedia productions, coffee shop atmospheres, and sermons/ messages that are so watered down that the Bible is never used. Harsh? I think not. The mission of making Church attendance and Christianity popular is occurring every Sunday.

In our attempts to modernize Christianity, I believe that many Churches have forgotten about the simplicity of the Gospel. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) Notice that all one has to do is believe in Jesus Christ. That’s all folks. is not about re-marketing Christianity nor the Church. The simple mission of this site is to provide a place where gamers can check out the latest in video gaming without the sexual content found on other sites. I decided to include a section dedicated to God because I wanted to show what honest Christian living is. I am not here to re-market/ repackage the God I serve; I am here simply to act as a representative of Him, no matter how many times I will fail at doing so. – Bryan