Final Fantasy XV is a mess



A beautiful…

FINAL FANTASY XV_20170305135049

And intriguing…

FINAL FANTASY XV_20170305135135


FINAL FANTASY XV_20170305135416

Lovable mess.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20170305140028

That constantly fails to deliver on significant plot points. Either due to:

  • Technical issues, such as the camera zooming in too closely, blocking the action on-screen.
  • Script issues that tell more than show emotional plot points. I need to know why I should care about someone I’ve never met. Give me reasons. All of them. Show me!

FINAL FANTASY XV_20170305151732

Prince Noctis, his band of brothers, and the world they live in keep me coming back for more.

Can’t wait to see how this one ends.

Echolocation – 7/15/11


People come across JohnnyBGamer by searching for some of the strangest things. For instance, this week the top searches that have brought people to the site have been:

  • Darksiders
  • Portal
  • Band of Brothers fantasy
  • Personal Conviction Examples

Darksiders: For those of you that have read my review of the game, you’d probably find it a little surprising that I even get hits on it.

 I am unwilling to treat Hell and demons with such a non-serious attitude.

Portal: One of the most clever games I have ever played.

Band of Brothers fantasy: My wife and I have never finished this much talked about series. We personally found it a tad depressing with it’s frequent deaths and sometimes hopeless situations. Yeah, I know war is supposed to be like that but who seriously wants to live in that if they don’t have to?

As to people searching for Band of Brothers fantasy? I’m not sure I even want to touch that. Maybe this search term relates to fan-fiction?

Personal Conviction Examples: Awhile back I wrote something about getting rid of things in my life that God had convicted me over. Here is the article.