Best of the Rest


Quality Time With Wyatt (1/18)

Image: John 13:16 (1/16)

It sucks to be real (1/15)

Image: Psalm 37:23-24 (1/6)

Bloodborne: Caution To The Wind (1/6)

Bloodborne: Joy In Death (1/5)

Bloodborne: Death As A Teacher (1/2)

Feel Stuck Volunteering In The Church? Stop. (1/1)


2015 – A Year In Review (12/31)

Best Theology Video Games Of 2015 – Destiny: Taken King (12/23)

The Christmas Monster (12/18)

Night Terrors (12/17)

The Written Dead – Video Games Deserve Better (11/12)

A Crash Course On The ESRB (11/9)

Gamers Are Stupid (11/4)

Bad Parenting: Pete – The Monster In The Closet (10/28)

Potty Bricks – Minecraft: Story Mode (10/22)

Boys Club (10/13)

A Call: Moving Beyond Artificial Relationships (10/8)

Am I Giving My 6-Year-Old Video Game Drugs? (9/27)

Longing For That Missing Person (9/17)

Bad Parenting: How To Not Play Rocket League With Your 6-Year-Old (9/10)

Do Video Game Developers Have No Regards For Children? (6/15)

The Female Perspective: How Do Video Games Impact Relationships? (4/25)

Should Men Put Video Games Away As “Childish Things” For Their Wives / Girlfriends? (4/14)

Bad Parenting: The Diablo Debacle (4/7)


The Highs And Lows (9/16)

Fallout: Fire Emblem Awakening (3/12)

Death In Motorville – Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (1/10)


Healthy Christian Criticism (9/15)

What I’m Learning: As A Dad (5/24)

At Church: Fear And Anxiety (5/19)

For The Win: An Interview With Zachery Oliver (5/6)


Thinking Aloud: Why We Don’t Need Another Church Building (10/10)

Thinking Aloud: Why We Don’t Need Another Christian Video Game Site (10/9)

Invite Christ Into Your Hobby (10/3)

GO: The Application (5/1)

GO: The Groundwork (4/30)

Just Pass The Offering Plate (4/19)

Digitally Numb: How Media And Video Games Desensitize Us (3/19)

Video Game Addiction: Level 3 (3/15)

Our Actions Impact Others (3/14)

Video Game Addiction: Level 2 (3/13)

Video Game Addiction: Level 1 (3/7)

Being Atlas (2/23)

Wednesday Night Bible Study Recap: Haggai (2/9)

Passing Ships (1/12)


I Am A Terrorist (9/16)


Suspense (7/5)

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