Video Game Addiction: Level 3

Think of gaming like you would think of reading a book…when you sit down to read a book, you are totally in it…but then you close it…you are done. I think gaming should be like that. – Scott

The problem with video games as a hobby is that the hobby doesn’t stop when the game is turned off. Magazines, web sites, and discussion boards further fuel what can easily become a second obsession, the video game culture itself.

Through out the day, I find myself visiting various video game related sites to check out the latest news, reviews and editorials–all of course happening on pre-determined breaks–. Quite quickly, this habit can become distracting as my thoughts all rotate around my hobby. Now I am sure that a sports nut checks the stats of his favorite teams/ players through out the day. People desire to stay connected to that which they like. However, I have had times where I have needed to cut back. I have found that all the professional and enthusiast press chatter can actually serve to depreciate my love of gaming. Sometimes one has to experience the artwork without the critic’s comments coursing through the back of his mind.

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My good friend Cory Anderson, of, saw that I was writing this series on video game addiction and wrote me the following (thanks Cory!):

A book I highly recommend on the subject is called Hyperstimulation by Georgianna, Underhill, and Kelland. I know two of the authors, they worked on the teen addiction recovery book with me.
Another simple principle we use to distinguish addiction is “the 4 C’s”:
1) Can’t control – there is a pattern of out of control behavior
2) Consequences – severe consequences due to the compulsive behavior (related to relationships, work, school, legal or health)
3) Can’t stop – even in light of the consequences present
4) Coping mechanism – using the behavior to numb or escape difficult life or emotional circumstances
Hope this helps further the cause, you and the other blogger are doing a great service!

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