Rules of the Game – Don’t Be A Jerk

Last night, I was playing Fall Guys with Wyatt. We were having a good time. We loaded into a game mode called Treat Thieves. In Treat Thieves, you have to either:

  • Defend the candy/tag people out (they go to jail until someone hits the release button).
  • Seek the candy/hold onto it until you reach the other end of the level and place it in your team’s goal.

I was playing defense and guarding the jail release button when someone from my team came up and hit the button. What? We had 5 out of 8 players in jail at the time. If we had gotten all 8 players in jail, we would have won the game.

“Wyatt, did you see that?”


“That guy, our team mate, just let the other team go.”

At first I thought my team mate didn’t know what he was doing. First time and all that, right? Wrong. He continued to press the button, releasing all the other team’s players from jail.

“What is wrong with this guy?”

I ranted and raved, yelling at the TV screen in disgust.

He released everyone again!


Our game of Treat Thieves soon came to an end.

Surprise! We lost.

I have no clue what was going on with my team mate, but he was behaving like a jerk.

Moral of the Story: Don’t be a jerk. It cost us the game.

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