Fade to Black

Wyatt and I were watching Stranger Things last night. The episode ended on a pretty bad note, with one of the characters being devoured by some of the Upside Down’s monsters. The screen faded to black as we were left to imagine the worst.

Life is kind of like that, right? Except instead of life fading to black, life continues on. Allowing us to:

  • Make choices / practice the whole free will thing
  • Invest in relationships
  • Educate ourselves for our betterment / Pick up a hobby

We find that life is filled with enough drama as is.

While our personal screens, in life, will fade to black one day, today is not that day.

So go out and live… or as I have done today, go back to work after a 12 day vacation (or not, choices).

Maybe schedule some time to watch more of Stranger Things too. I know he lives… but I want to make sure just in case.

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