On My Radar: Downwell

Wyatt and I started playing Rogue Legacy recently. I am loving the quick gameplay sessions mixed with passing the controller back and forth. Reminds me of growing up with an NES.

Continuing that trend, I’ve got Downwell on my radar. Game looks like a blast. Perfect for further father and son adventures!

2 thoughts on “On My Radar: Downwell

  1. I played Downwell a bit on PC last year when it was ported over from mobile devices, but I’ve been enjoying it more on my Vita than anything else. It’s perfect for on-the-go short bursts. I’m sure it’s just fine on PS4 as well. Hopefully you enjoy it! It’s a tough one!

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    1. Rogue Legacy has been my game of choice lately. It’s one of those that I almost think would be better on a handheld like the Vita (I could play in bed then). I’ll have to let you know that I think of Downwell. Thanks for stopping by!

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