Nathan Drake and I arrived in Nepal last night. The city of Kathmandu has become a virtual warzone. Slowly, we have fought through the city streets in search of the temple that leads to Shambhala. Along the way, we have met up with Chloe–I don’t trust her!–and are now trying to find a good vantage point to locate the temple. Hopefully all goes well…

Rotating between Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Red Dead Redemption, my PS3 is certainly getting a workout. Modern gaming sure is rad!

Off with a Bang!


The opening to Uncharted 2 is simply breathtaking. Our hero awakes to find himself covered in blood, a victim of a terrible train wreck. As you guide Nathan Drake up through a train hanging off a cliff, there are several moments where you wonder if he is going to make it. Now of course he is going to make it because he is the main protagonist of the series…but still! I wish more games started off with such a fantastic opening scene to get things going. I guess though all games can’t be that way, after awhile such a thing would come across as contrived. Anywho, I am really enjoying Uncharted 2. Have a good Saturday everyone!