Infected with the Plague

or an old lesson learned.

From Across the Net – “Stop and See the Unseen”

Eric Anderson, over at Nerd Chapel, wrote this excellent piece titled “Stop and See the Unseen“. I especially like the way he seamlessly works a conversation between Tony Stark and Dr. Strange into the mix. Tony had no clue that the threats dealt with by the Sorcerer Supreme even existed. While the Avengers were publiclyContinue reading “From Across the Net – “Stop and See the Unseen””


Kotaku had a random post this week (12/10/09) entitled Pokémon Teaches Your Children To Worship Satan. The post was based on the video below: The Kotaku post seems clear in its attempt at humor (inadvertently mocking Christianity in the process). Nothing new for the Internet. However, I think that there is depth and truth to this video. Let’sContinue reading “Intake”