Quote of the Day

I think I struggled for a long time to find my plan or calling…but I’ve learned that God first calls me to Himself. To no other purpose then to trust Him and rest in His peace. No lofty trips to Africa, no climbing ladders to becoming a worship leader, or changing the world…he just wants me all for Himself. Everything else is secondary and can come later. Because without learning that first…I would just fail every single time and I would never be happy. – A good friend.


The move to Wordpress in 2009 brought with it immeasurable relief from both design and writing perspectives. Being able to just focus on content, while good, also caused me to neglect the community aspects of the site. So, one of the ways I would like to remedy this is by working on the blog roll or JBG’s links section. If you have a blog or website that fits under our banner of God, Life, and Gaming please submit a link in the comments below. Thanks.