From Across the Net – “Understanding Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump”

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Andrew T. Walker, writing for the National Review, wrote an excellent piece titled “Understanding Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump”. Many of my own thoughts, that I’ve wanted to share for awhile, are in this piece. This article is a bit of a long read but worth reading.

Some religious conservatives may see the world in moral terms — right and wrong; black and white. But there’s a long moral tradition, as far back as Augustine, that sees our world in shades of gray. The City of God lives as earthly inhabitants of the City of Man; thus, our world is imperfect. We are to be “in the world, but not of it.” History does not progress only toward human perfection. In this calculus, religious conservatives might see moral contrasts in black and white, but see voting for a morally compromised figure whose administration pushes back against progressivism as an uncomfortable shade of gray. They understand that, in a fallen world, they will not always be able to vote for candidates of good character and policy. Sometimes, all the candidates are deeply flawed, and a judgment is required of how to steward faithfully one’s democratic privileges.

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Last night I happened to hop onto the Twitter’s and discovered this tweet:

cwgabriel cwgabriel

Sarah Pain lecturing us on civility is like Jenna Jameson lecturing us on chastity. (No offense to Jenna Jameson is intended.) (via @wilw)
Now I do note that this was not from one of the Penny Arcade guys but was originally tweeted by Mr. Wil Wheaton. That said, while I do not agree with everything Sarah Palin says, I also do not think that she is the dimwit that the media makes her out to be. To compare Sarah Palin to Jenna Jameson, a modern day whore, is just plain insulting.
I hate, HATE, it when gaming personalities try to inject their brand of politics into the gaming arena. I have never followed the Penny Arcade guys for their politics, no, I have for their interesting comics. In other words, the package I was sold long ago, about a few guys making a web comic, has suddenly transformed into something else. Something sinister. I don’t give a pigeon’s fart as to what Penny Arcade, 1up editors, and anyone else in the gaming industry thinks about a particular political topic.
Intent is everything. Clearing defining what one intends to do, from the beginning, lets the audience know what to expect. Johnny B Gamer is all about integrating faith and gaming. There it is. Nothing out of the ordinary. I have talked about this since 2003. However, you will not see me making political statements here because this has never been a political platform. JBG is about faith and games. Nothing else. Ever.