Last night I happened to hop onto the Twitter’s and discovered this tweet:

cwgabriel cwgabriel

Sarah Pain lecturing us on civility is like Jenna Jameson lecturing us on chastity. (No offense to Jenna Jameson is intended.) (via @wilw)
Now I do note that this was not from one of the Penny Arcade guys but was originally tweeted by Mr. Wil Wheaton. That said, while I do not agree with everything Sarah Palin says, I also do not think that she is the dimwit that the media makes her out to be. To compare Sarah Palin to Jenna Jameson, a modern day whore, is just plain insulting.
I hate, HATE, it when gaming personalities try to inject their brand of politics into the gaming arena. I have never followed the Penny Arcade guys for their politics, no, I have for their interesting comics. In other words, the package I was sold long ago, about a few guys making a web comic, has suddenly transformed into something else. Something sinister. I don’t give a pigeon’s fart as to what Penny Arcade, 1up editors, and anyone else in the gaming industry thinks about a particular political topic.
Intent is everything. Clearing defining what one intends to do, from the beginning, lets the audience know what to expect. Johnny B Gamer is all about integrating faith and gaming. There it is. Nothing out of the ordinary. I have talked about this since 2003. However, you will not see me making political statements here because this has never been a political platform. JBG is about faith and games. Nothing else. Ever.