From Across the Net – “This Is America”

“It is just that when you have been away from a place for a long time, everything that you see upon re-entry kind of takes you off guard. It’s not that you are above it or incapable of the same or worse sin, it’s just that you see it differently. You see things with different eyes and the things that used to be normal to you start to shake you up a bit. Because you aren’t living inside of the culture anymore, you have the privilege of landing on the outside looking in.”


This morning I started reading David Platt’s Radical. So far, I find myself agreeing with Platt in regards to the disconnect he notes between Christ’s radical calling and how we live as Christians. Good stuff. Anywho, as I have been reading, I have been keeping in mind a review I read of the book recently here. I’ll keep ya’ll updated as I progress.