From Across the Net – “Praying for a President Is Not that Radical: Platt, Prayer, and Polarization”


Had meant to share this article by Ed Stetzer the other day. Man, this has been a long week already.

Furthermore, we can and must recognize that many hold different views and see things in different ways. Where some see praying for a president, others see a celebration of values they do not hold. We can acknowledge that people can and will experience such moments differently in the body of Christ.

Yet, the degree of ire directed towards Platt reveals that at times we can allow the same polarization and fear to grip our hearts in failing to extend grace to those with differening views. Likewise, the attempts to use Platt to endorse Trump fail to grasp the nuances of his prayer and inject meaning he was careful to avoid.

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Radical 3 – Two Different Mindsets: Receivers Vs. Reproducers


As I have continued my journey through David Platt’s Radical, I have come across a section that I thought I’d like to share. This particular section deals with what Platt calls Receivers Vs. Reproducers. Let me explain:

A Receiver receives the Word of God and does nothing with it. Whatever has been:

  • Preached
  • Taught
  • Heard
  • or Witnessed

All of the above come to a dead end by the believer absorbing the information.

Meanwhile, a Reproducer listens with the intent that the information being presented needs to be passed on. They replicate and apply the the teaching to not only their own lives but in the lives of others.

I have to be honest that I often listen to sermons and such with an attitude of “how does this apply to me?” A very “me” mindset. I do not purposefully absorb spiritual information in an attempt to purposefully pass it on to others. While this may sometimes unintentionally happen, I do not actively practice the art of being a Reproducer.

As we move into 2011, this is something that I realize I need to change. Call it a New Year’s resolution if you will. Until next time.

Radical 2


I have continued reading David Platt’s Radical and have been enjoying it immensely. Some key thoughts that have struck me hard have been:

  • How the commands that God gives Christians fly in the face of the American dream. Take for instance the command to be fruitful and multiply. The American dream dictates that we need to have a good job, money, and a house before we embark on the journey of children. Sure those things make supporting a family easier, but they are not Biblical.
  • Also, how Americans tend to have a mindset that says something like “I don’t care about reaching people for Christ that live outside America” or “I’m not called to missions, that is what missionaries are for”. (This one is a bit funny as I got into a conversation like it at Bible Study recently.)

Continuing onward in my reading.



This morning I started reading David Platt’s Radical. So far, I find myself agreeing with Platt in regards to the disconnect he notes between Christ’s radical calling and how we live as Christians. Good stuff. Anywho, as I have been reading, I have been keeping in mind a review I read of the book recently here. I’ll keep ya’ll updated as I progress.