Podcast Spotlight: Retronauts


A trip to nostalgic beach is often the order of the day around JohnnyBGamer. 1up’s Retronauts, with host Jeremy Parish, provides an insightful podcast that fills that nostalgic need. Discussing games of the bygone era, Retronauts explores the early days of the gaming industry. From the highs and lows of the Atari to the golden age of Sega and Nintendo, Retronauts never fails to deliver an informative and entertaining podcast. For those wishing to revisit their childhood video game memories, this podcast is for you!

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every day the same dream


Every day you wake up, get dressed, eat, and then proceed out the door — if your like me — to your place of work. Every day the same dream is an indie game created by Paolo Pedercini. The short game follows a nameless white collared worker as he trudges through a monochrome world.

The above image is one of the few glimpses of color found in the game; sparse moments of warmth amongst an otherwise cold world. I wonder how many of us experience these moments of awe in an otherwise mundane work week. Funny how comfort is found in the mundane, in the daily schedule each of us lives. May 2010 be a year of awe.

(every day the same dream was noted in a blog post by Sam Kennedy @ 1Up, thus inspiring this post.)

Podcast Spotlight: The Geekbox


The Geek Box LogoThe Geekbox reminds me of  dinner table conversations I’d often overhear while attending a small engineering college in Texas. Robots, Star Wars, and even dirigibles used as floating combat platforms were common topics of conversation. Sometimes I would find myself cringing at the depths of nerdiness being discussed; other times I would join these conversations and contribute to no end.

Much like those overheard conversations in college, The Geekbox often veers off course into morally questionable material due to different guests. I find this to be unfortunate as the rest of the podcast is of high (nerdy) quality. However, just as I would in college, sometimes it is best to leave the dinner table (ie: fast-forward) if things sink too low.

At the end of the day, The Geekbox is like coming home to a group of old friends you know and love, flaws and all.

Not perfect but highly recommended


Give them a listen (link will open iTunes).