Pressing Onward – Thoughts on Death Stranding So Far

Incinerate the President of the United States (who also happens to be your mom) – CHECK!

Survive BT’s (surrounding/guarding the incinerator) and get home – CHECK!

Go back to “the beach” – CHECK!

Start a mission that brings you closer to saving your sister – CHECK!

Connect the United States of America to the “Internet” – Wait. What? The Internet has been out?

What I love about Death Stranding is the exploration. Knowing that I can choose my route from Point A to Point B. Sure there are hazards along my way such as BT’s (see photo of ghost-like-things below) and Timefall (rain that accelerates aging/equipment decay). But at the core, Death Stranding is about earning that sense of accomplishment you feel from traversing unforgiving terrain. This game is beautiful, and I’m sorry that I let the initial poor reviews rob me of this experience.

5 thoughts on “Pressing Onward – Thoughts on Death Stranding So Far

  1. Sounds like an odd, fascinating and beautiful game. Have you benefited from the stuff other players have built and left behind? I heard that was an interesting, helpful feature of the game


    1. I have most definitely benefited from ladders and ropes (used to rappel) placed by other players. The game is weird in that it has a multiplayer component (the use of placed items) without having to play with other people. So you get the loneliness of traversing alone and then come across an item (say a ladder) and know that someone else has been there/used said item before. Connected yet separate. I like it a lot.


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