I resigned from a position I enjoyed last week. A combination of social media overload and a recent controversy in the gaming culture deflated my sails. I’m truthfully not sure what to think about something I have considered a hobby since 1989. I dislike:

– The sudden hostile atmosphere online created by the GamerGate scandal. This goes for both Christians and non-Christians alike, who have succumbed to fear and ultimately emotion. GamerGate was an opportunity for rational/academic discourse on how people should be treated online and video game journalism ethics in general. Instead, wagons have been circled and all discourse has been shutdown.

The game has changed. I’m not sure what this means for me. I feel God is telling me to focus on what is important. Right now, I’m not sure gaming is.

2 thoughts on “GamerGate

  1. Yeah. The GamerGate thing was just so hard to talk about. I think it burnt everybody out just from what it was/is. An when we all figured out that GamerGate was a pseudo-group that was using blanket statements against “corruption” in games journalism? It was too nonsensical/intangible for solid academic discourse.

    That’s why I wanted to DO GAMES JOURNALISM and talk about games structurally and critically because to me, that was the best response to “the controversy” and actually was the acaemic discourse.

    All that to say, that I think that the more we’re actively talking about games – especially from a Christian perspective, the more we’re actively doing what’s most beneficial to that situation. So, asking what people are playing, diving into those thigns together, talking about the thigns that are messing with us spiritually, theologically? That’s what I want to do.

    And that’s what I think you want to do, too. 🙂


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