Mario Kart Goodness – The Fun in Playing with Others

Went over to my friend Jon’s house to celebrate his birthday last night. Had a great time catching up and eating some savory┬átacos followed by a slice of delicious cookie cake. As the evening passed by, Jon suggested playing some Mario Kart Wii.


Man, I had forgotten how amazing it is to play a video game with three other people. Reminded me of all the good times I had playing Mario Kart 64 in high school/college. Even though I got my butt kicked, I had a lot of fun having a chance to play with others.

When was the last time you played a multiplayer game? What game was it?

3 thoughts on “Mario Kart Goodness – The Fun in Playing with Others

  1. I was literally thinking about this stuff this morning as I finished up my revew for Sportsfriends. It’s all we played last gamecell. It was the perfect excuse to drag the TV outside. ­čÖé

    How many PS3 controllers do you have? Do you have any Move controllers?

    I think my Sportsfriends review will go up next week. But here’s a preview: it’s recreates that N64 party experience better than just about anything else I can think of.


    1. Understood entirely. I’m in the same boat. With that combo, you’ll be able to play the bare minimum of all Sportsfriends games. Though, you might want a couple Moves for JS Joust. The neatest thing is that for two of the games, you can literally hold half the PS3 controller and put the other half in your wife/friend’s hands. So four players on two controller? It’s possible.


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