The Podcast Trinity

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Trying to shave off time on my morning commute, I decided to take another route today. Riding shotgun was a podcast that I will not name. As the tires spun and the traffic lights frequently slowed me down, I began to notice some things:

1. The route I was taking was actually slower. I was going to be late.

2. The podcast I was listening to kept violating the podcast trinity.



– The Podcast Trinity –

Format – Find a format that works and stick with it. Like a bowl of tasty oatmeal, listeners find comfort in a solid format. Also remember that having no format is a format.

Identity – Pretending you are a radio show host will get you no where. You aren’t. While ranting and raving can be an identity, for me, it leads to you being turned off. Unless you are part of that 1% of ranters/ravers that appeals to me. So act professional. Develop your voice.

Quality – Darth-breathing, eating, sounding like you’ve been auto-tuned due to Skype, these are turn offs. Invest in a good microphone. Learn to edit. Create amazing content. My ears and brain thank you in advance.
Thanks to @jacobingalls for helping me out with this list. 

7 thoughts on “The Podcast Trinity

    1. It’s all good.

      In college, I ran a podcast with my roommate Jacob. We provided an alternative news source to the school sponsored newspaper. I can tell you that we struggled with finding a format, our voice, and sound quality on a weekly basis, if at least for awhile. Eventually we hit our stride and even did a show on the road–you’ve got to try recording in the car–.

      The podcast “trinity” is, in my mind, a loose framework that a podcast should strive for.


      1. Yeah, it takes a while. Our most recent recording was completely different due to the varied personalities involved. I think our “voice” is beginning to shape, though, in unexpected ways!

        Oh, also, your article! I did send you an email, did you get it?


  1. I’ll echo Zach on all accounts. I think we’re finding our voice. I’m curious what Podcasts you like and which ones have formats that you really enjoy. I used to only listen to pastors’ sermons on podcasts and the Relevant podcast. Now I listen to mostly game podcasts. The only exception is This American Life.


    1. I’ll check the random gaming podcast out every once in while. The only constant podcast I listen to is The Gamers With Jobs Conference Call. I used to listen both Retronauts (back when Jeremy Parish hosted) and A Life Well Wasted (amazing podcast with phenomenal production values along the lines of This American Life) but lineups have either changed or the podcast hasn’t been updated in a millennia.

      Otherwise, like you, I listen to quite a bit of sermons. Haven’t ever listened to the Relevant podcast. Good?


      1. I kinda burnt-out on the sermons a while back. Worse, I don’t always feel like I can learn from the dudes. I should maybe start-up Greg Boyd’s podcast again. I dig him. Relevant Magazine isn’t something I look up to, much either, anymore. Maybe I just outgrew it?

        I’ll go add the podcast you noted. I’ll check them out over my commutes this week!


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