Quote of the Day: 7/6/12

I am frustrated, so limited. There are so many things that I want to accomplish that do not happen. God. I. Need. You.

Kevin Pike, Work (You Are Here: Part 1), Mariners Church (via sermon/podcast)

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: 7/6/12

  1. the break through and great opportunity you so seek is not in god, is not in prayer and is not in time, but rather in within, you.

    what ever it is that you want, make it and and pray for mercy and personal favors along the way.

    then when it happens , give glory to god.


  2. iamsofree, thanks for visiting my blog! I’m a little confused by your comment you posted though. You’re saying ignore God, seek the hidden knowledge within me, and then when it all somehow works out, give God the glory?


    1. Bryan i never said to ignore god, i can never say such about god and if you read the little that i have put here, you will see how much respect and fear i have towards him. I bow to god.

      All that i was saying was , god does not give us things for already he has given us this life, freedom and senses. What ever it is that you want you must create and when it comes to pass you give the glory to him for it is him that has created us AND by standing and holding to his name we come to hope and have faith.

      Keep in mind faith is the evidence of things not seen yet, and in this case our dreams. When WE hope it allows US to think that all is possible and this is where god comes in, believing in something way bigger than us and to that we give glory and praises to….

      I can only hope that i am making sense, i see god in a very different way but i am very certain we are all talking about the same god above, after all there is only 1 god…

      good luck.


      1. I think where we differ is that I serve the one true God (I do not serve a mere god with a lower case “g”). I serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The God who loved us so much that he sent His son Jesus Christ to die on a Roman cross for our sins. I don’t write this out of anger (or frustration for that matter) but to clarify whom I serve. Christ is the only way…there is no other.


      2. and i serve the only god above, there is only one god and that is the only god above, he that loved us so much that he sent his only son to die on a cross so we can be saved.

        so i am pretty sure i am talking about the same god, for there is only one living god.

        what we deffer about is not god but rather how i understand him.

        one of this good days i will tell you my story, i know god, i FEAR God, i respect god and i bow to him and he has blessed me, my son and family and he still continues to everyday. he is a good God and he is good all the time….

        so if i didn’t think i understand god, i wouldn’t be talking about him, we just have a different view…


      3. thank you, i think we didn’t understand each other , which of course is mostly on me,

        you see , something really really bad happened to me and great fear and pain was brought to me heart,

        with the grace of god, i over came all this and most important i came out a better person and the blessings keeps coming .

        through out all this experience i also started to see god very very differently from what i thought i knew,

        god is good, very very good, and he is very merciful , this was my first understanding, then i also learned that god is actually very simple , all he has asked from us is to worship him and love another in respect and with peace, live our lives and be….

        everything else to me doesn’t matter , god is love……


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