State of JBG – 2010

Standard caught the waves of the net in August of 2003. What had started as a simple idea on paper soon became a reality as my good friend Scotto plunged into designing the site. The crowning achievement during this process, was the amazing work that Scotto did on the JBG logo —  I still owe you! –. He took a sketch of mine and created a look and feel that the site has maintained to this day.

The primary goal of JohnnyBGamer has always been to provide professional content focused on the world of videogames.  With many articles and a few reviews out there, I would say that that goal has been reached. However, so much is left to be written.

2009 was a year of big changes for JBG. Consumed with html and basic site design, I found myself neglecting actually putting content up on the site. So, I decided to move JBG to WordPress. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Content has flowed freely since the big move. 2009 ended with record visits to the site. Finally, I have felt like JBG has been gaining traction.

So what does 2010 hold for JohnnyBGamer?

Koinonia (Community)

2010 is the year that I want JBG to reach out and embrace the online gaming community. How do we do this?

  • Increased presence/ participation on blogs, online forums, and other gaming websites.

JohnnyBGamer exists to provide an equal ground for sharing thoughts, ideas, and even life’s burdens. It is my hope that you will join JBG, in the year 2010, as we move forward together.

– Bryan

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