Dungeon Hunter: Journal II


Dungeon Hunter Title ScreenWelcome to my second journal for iPhone/iPod Touch app Dungeon Hunter. Every once in a blue moon I’ll post an update on my progress through the game. Be sure to check back often!

Dungeon Hunter MapThe town of Thamos quickly gave way to the South Road, and soon I found myself engaging in blade-to-blade negotiations with the bandits that ruled over it. Turns out that the bandits had stolen some cargo belonging to one of the towns inhabitants. Being the awesome guy that I am (or that my character is), I stormed into the Bandit’s Lair and dispatched the villains immediately. After that, I killed creatures in the Thamos Well, explored the Windmill searching for a fairy*, and searched the Catacombs and Cathedral for relics.

Dungeon Hunter Cathedral

*I should note at this point that the fairy subplot was sprung on my quite unexpectedly. I had originally thought that the fairy which had awoken my character in the beginning of the game, Celest, would only serve to function in a Navi sort of role. I was wrong in my assumption. Instead, fairies serve as an Area of Effect (AoE) attack to damage multiple enemies at the same time. In my travels thus far, I have obtained three fairies: 1.) Celest, lightening bolts, 2.) Wetty, ice storm, 3.) Windy, hurricane.

Overall thoughts:

  1. The music is quite good! I actually want to play with headphones.
  2. Catacombs and Cathedral share common art assets (walls, lamps, etc.).
  3. Button control for selecting secondary attacks is not as responsive as it should be (ie attacks are hard to cycle between).
  4. I had to retread the opening level (Catacombs) to obtain an item. While this is a clever reuse of a completed area, I am hoping that this is not something that is repeated throughout the game.
  5. Loading is sometimes long. However, loading is not present once in-game

Join me next time.

4 thoughts on “Dungeon Hunter: Journal II

  1. Hey,
    I was wondering if you managed to find the beast on the south road that killed the lumberjack? i’ve benn through it a few times and can’t find it. i just keep ending up in the bandit’s lair.


    • Hey Peter,
      Sorry to say that I never avenged the lumberjacks death. For some reason the beast is hard to find; the Bandit’s Lair, not so hard to find. You’d think the bandits would want their lair to be a bit more hidden. Oh well.
      Wish I could have helped,


  2. Peter

    Hey Bryan,
    thanks foe the reply. I actually found how to get there myself and do it. in the south road level once you cross the first wooden bridge you come to it’s the very first turn to the right. brings you into the trees and you find the giant spider there.
    Hope it helps,


  3. Kim

    Hi-am in Thamos well but can’t seem to find the boss to kill. Been thru several times-am I missing a door or something? Feels like I am stuck for the moment.


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