Lunch Time Detective: Part 2


I got into a fist fight over lunch…

So there I was, accusing a man of murdering his wife, when suddenly he takes a knock-out swing at my partner. Officer down! Suddenly, I am up to bat and I can’t remember which buttons to push to throw a punch. Frantically, I button mash, trying to defend my character. Nothing. My heart is pumping and the screen is slowly turning gray as my character is being used as a virtual punching bag. I’m dead.

I played through the above scenario at least 3-4 times before I miraculously figured out how to throw a punch. With the perp handcuffed and snuggled in nicely in the paddy-wagon, my partner and I proceeded downtown for what was sure to be an intense interrogation.

Lunch Time Detective


I witnessed a hit and run accident over lunch today. A red Lincoln convertible smashed into a guy who had stumbled out of a local bar. There was blood all over the ground. The victim even looked as if he had been impaled by the car’s hood ornament. As I took in the scene with disbelief, I couldn’t help but ask myself:

Was this just a simple accident or were matters far more sinister being played out?

My lunch with Rockstar’s L.A. Noire was just another typical day in the LAPD’s Traffic Division. Another day of seeing people at their worst all the while putting the bad guys in jail. You did know that there were still bad guys out there right?

As the case progressed, the victim (the one laying in the street in the above picture) seemed like someone who had been bumped off as a matter of convenience. The convenience being a wife who wanted to hook up with another man. My lunch hour ended before I could solve the case. However, I did engage in a high speed pursuit with the driver of the Lincoln. I can only imagine the damage bill I racked up as I took out street lamps, side-swiped cars, and almost hit pedestrians. My partner, whats-his-name, was screaming at me over my driving. He apparently hasn’t lived in California too long.