When Cloud Fails

Final Fantasy VII, in my opinion, is one of the best games ever made. For its time, the graphics rocked. The storyline kept you hunting for answers with great twists. I’m sad to admit, however, that the game became an obsession for me. Looking back, I can see how it helped me escape reality and how that became addictive. It came at a time where I needed to face reality and God and make my faith real. I was participating in the first in-depth Bible study of my life. There were times where I had to consciously make the decision to go read my Bible. At the time, reading the Old Testament in my study seemed rather dull and boring compared to the vivid storyline of FFVII, which I’d consider to be more of a visual and interactive book rather than a video game. The plot of FFVII has its redemptive value which I hope to write about more at a later time. Video games are not bad in and of themselves, but in my specific case, they took a negative turn because it took God’s place in my priorities, thoughts, and heart.