Kickstarter: For God Took Him


Back in 2004, I had the privilege of working for The Walt Disney Travel Company. During our 5 weeks of training, I quickly became good friends with my one of my co-workers, a guy named Steve. Fast forward to 2012, Steve and I have managed to keep up through the glorious power of the Internets.

Now, a few years back, I remember him mentioning to me that he wanted to write a book. Recently, Steve told me that he was opening a Kickstarter page to help with funding for completing said book (he has finished 11 chapters so far).

I have to admit that at first I wasn’t sold on it after looking at some of the concept art on his Kickstarter page (not saying that the art is bad by any means). Just didn’t look like something I’d be into. Today, he sent me a link to an actual excerpt from the book. I have to say I am impressed! Reminds me a bit of David Gemmell. So, if you want to help out a friend of mine, I highly suggest checking out his written work here and visiting his Kickstarter page to help him reach his goal of $3,500.

National Novel Writing Month


Tomorrow kicks off National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. The goal of National Novel Writing Month is to write a novel with a 50,000 word count in 30 days. This breaks down to writing 1,666 words a day. Woof!

Last year, I dove into this competition and ended up drowning in plot points. This year, I’m going to get back on the saddle and try and push my way to completing my first novel.

So, I want to ask you to join me on this trip. Everyday you can visit JBG and I should have a new chapter posted to my story. I encourage you to give me feedback as I write.

See ya tomorrow when the bomb drops!