Game Dev Story


Press Start:

In my youth, I lost many an hour submerged in Bullfrog’s Theme Park. By high school, I had graduated to the Roller Coaster Tycoon series. In college, I even further immersed myself in the sim management genre with Lionhead Studios The Movies. Weeks, days, and hours were lost to these all consuming business simulators. So, imagine my surprise when I found another addicting sim, this time on the iDevice.

Game Dev Story, developed by KairoSoft, puts you in the seat of running your very own video game development studio. You get to make the day-to-day decisions regarding:

.: Development :.

  • Platform (PC, Microx 480, PlayStatus, Game-Box, etc.)
  • Genre (shooter, trivia, action rpg, etc.)
  • Type (dating, ninja, fantasy, etc.)
  • Direction (Do you want to develop the game at a normal pace, in a hurry, or on a budget?)

“You’re bored? Get to work!”

.: Staffing :.

  • Hiring (Keeping in mind that salaries will eventually have to be paid.)
  • Increasing Skill-sets
  • Promoting
  • Firing (Disney always used the term “separated”.)

.: Advertising/ Marketing :.

  • Increase your fan base and overall product awareness.

Your direction of the studio will either lead to its success or supreme failure.

Ideology/ Worldview:



Interaction/ Gameplay:

Via touch screen, there is a drop down menu to input your commands.

In the End:

The first night I dove into Game Dev Story, I ended up playing for about two hours straight. The mixture of management decisions, marketing (advertising/ going to trade shows), and having to decide which console to develop for had me hooked. This game is perfect for those on the go and priced out (for a limited time) at $1.99. I can’t recommend this game enough!

Game Dev Story


In the eleventh year, third month, third week, Super Zero Studios was on the verge of shutting its doors. After years of successfully developing romance and fantasy RPG’s, the studio found itself unable to purchase the latest development license. With current contract work causing longtime fans to walkaway, due to the lack of new games, studio management finds itself needing to make some decisions:

  • Continue with the current contract work
  • Produce budget PC games
  • Fire half the staff
  • Close the studio forever

Super Zero sound engineer, Callie Fornia, said this,”I’m just afraid of the terrible reference I will receive after all the half-hearted worked I’ve done.” So true Miss Fornia…so true.

Game Dev Story, a fantastic business simulator on the iDevice, has literally taken over my spare time. For instance, last night I played for at least two hours. TWO HOURS! I woke up this morning thinking how stupid that was…and then thought about firing up the game again. If you are looking for an engrossing game development company simulator, KarioSoft’s Game Dev Story is the answer to your call of the inner developer.